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About Us

Our Story

We are Joseph + Taelese Lampkin, founders of BX4 Fitness, LLC. Our company began quite organically over the summer of 2022 after we relocated to Naples from Stamford, CT. Joseph was training our son in speed and agility drills over at Corkscrew Park when a fellow dad who had been watching, approached him and simply said he would pay for his son to have the same opportunity, and time proved that a host of other parents agreed! Since then, Joseph has been coaching group classes, as well as establishing private clients to help athletes improve agility, balance, confidence, coordination, reaction, speed, and overall athleticism.


Joseph has almost a decade of athletic coaching experience from Little League to present-day with the Beacons sports ministry at First Naples Church: he is a level 2 volunteer (background checked, fingerprinted).

Joseph is also boxing training certified and enjoys coaching kids in the art and discipline of boxing (for fitness). Growing up, he played baseball and football as a student athlete and presently still competes in Master-level track events (100 + 200-meter sprinter) throughout the country. In 2000, as a D1 collegiate sprinter, Joseph set a school record for the 100-meter event at Fordham University. 23 years later; he still holds the record! 

BX4 Fitness, LLC is insured, Sunbiz registered with the State of Florida and holds a permit for BCIRP field use at Big Corkscrew Park (810 39th Ave NE, Naples, FL 34120).  We bring something new and fun to the Northeast area of Naples and would love to see your athletes come out and join us each Wednesday! 


Joseph’s 23 year record for the 100 meter sprint at Fordham University 

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