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Athletic Testing Services

  • Per Event
  • Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park

Service Description

Bx4 is prepared to meet the needs of athletes and coaches with an array of athletic testing services. Partner with Bx4 to take your recruiting portfolio to the next level! Custom packages may include photography and/or videography. Bx4 uses the athletic industry’s foremost state-of-the-art professional grade Smart Speed Plus Timing Gate System technology to offer laser accuracy for results recording. ATHLETIC TESTING SERVICES INCLUDE: • Assist Coaches with Team Evaluations and Tryouts • Hosting Individual and/or Group Athletic Pro Days • Provide detailed, clear and concise professional caliber spreadsheet for each athlete’s speed and agility drill results DRILL TYPES: Sprinting Assessments: • Straight Line Sprints (various distances; i.e. 40 yard, splits, etc.) • Traffic Light Sprints • Force Velocity Sprints • Curve Sprints • Customized Sprints Change of Direction: • Pro Agility 5-10-5 | Reactive & Non-Reactive • Cuts and Routes • Y Agility 1-1-2 • Customized Change of Direction * 5-0-5 Drill • L-Drill • Lane Agility Drill • Box Drill • Customized Drills JUMPS: • Broad • Vertical Contact us to explore how BX4 can support your Athletic Testing Needs!

Contact Details

  • Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park

    810 39th Avenue Northeast, Naples, FL 34120, USA

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